Previous Productions 1991-2009

1991  Oliver!
1991  Move Over Mrs. Markham! 
1992  My Fair Lady
1992  Ira Levin's Deathtrap 
1993  The Wizard of Oz
1993  The Sound of Music
1994  Annie
1994  Arsenic and Old Lace
1994  Bugsy Malone
1995  Hans Andersen
1995  Stepping Out
1995  Daisy Pulls it Off!
1996  The King and I
1996  Hay Fever
1997  Murder at Moorgate Manor*
1998  A Blow to the Head*
1998  Steel Magnolias
1998  The Mafia Wedding*
1999  The Mystery of Talbot Manor*
1999  A Brief's Encounter*
1999  Robin Hood and the Boys from Ruff Wood
2000  See How They Run!  
2000  The Curse of the Willoughby Diamond*
2001  Soapsuds*
2001  Run for Your Wife!
2001  The Long Goodnight*
2001  The Wizard of Oz 
2002  Death by Radio*
2002  The Odd Couple (Female version)
2002  Ali the Barber and the Four Tea Leaves
2003  A Nasty Case of Burns*
2003  Return to Talbot Manor*
2003  Rough Justice
2003  All Afloat!*
2004  Over My Dead Body*
2004  Murder 1 Rovers 0*
2004  Cinderella II: Buttons' Revenge
2005  Taught a Lesson*
2005  Over My Dead Body (One Act Play Version)  
L* L* L L
2005  An Englishman in New York*
2006  Blue Remembered Hills
2006  Last Tango in Little Grimley
2006  Blood Brothers**
2006  Widow Twanky and the Temple of Doom
2007  Naughty Words  
2007  Accrington Pals  W N* N N
2008  Our Day Out**
2008  Last Tango in Little Grimley  
2008  Jock and the Amazing Technicolor Beansprout  R
2009  The Taming of the Shrew  N
2009  Charity Cabaret and Dance Night
2009  Shocking!*
2009  I'm Sleeping Beauty - Get Me Out of Here!  

All productions at Ormskirk Civic Hall except  F - Edinburgh Festival Fringe; S - Southport Arts Centre and R - Rose Theatre, Edge Hill College
Other indicators: *Murdernight (only premieres listed); **In association with SCAT (Skelmersdale Community Arts Theatre); NODA District 6 Nomination; N* NODA District 6 Winner; NODA NW England Nomination; Lucilla One Act Play Festival Nomination; L* Lucilla One Act Play Festival Winner