Text Box: Ormskirk Theatre Company


The NODA review for Remember 2014

The Ormskirk Theatre Company performed this production because it is the centenary of the start of World War One and as many residents of this area had relatives who had connections to the two world wars and indeed in more recent conflicts it is particularly relevant. The audience were greeted by actors in world war one uniforms and there was an exhibition of local memorabilia displayed around The Civic Hall. The performance was a mixture of readings, poetry, music and film all pertinent to the centenary. I have seen many different kinds of productions over the years but never have I been so moved. Many members of the audience were in tears, including myself. It was very evident that all on stage were experienced actors and all excelled in this particular piece. Carol Thompson and Gary Simpson, are to be congratulated on ensuring the well planned, researched and sensitive approach to the evening.  The various scenes moved seamlessly from one to the next and we were transported effortlessly to the relevant period. The audience were asked to participate in singing some of the well known songs from the two wars but found it difficult as the content was so very poignant. As the performance made its way to its conclusion those on stage talked about their own relatives and the part they played in the various conflicts and were visibly moved themselves. I did not expect to enjoy the evening and I cannot say that I did but it was not intended as an entertainment. The object was to persuade the audience to remember and thank all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may have the freedom that we have all enjoyed.  They, quite rightly, made mention of a young man in the audience who until recently was ensuring that this continues. A thoughtful and inspiring evening. Thank you for your very warm welcome and every success in your future productions.